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Podcast #15
April 30, 2009, 8:51 pm
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As promised, here be the second of the two promised podcasts featuring;

Cymbals Eat Guitars – And The Hazy Sea
The Music – Fire
The Jude – End Of The Road
Tubelord – Night Of The Pencils
The Whitest Boy Alive – Island
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – I Second That Emotion
The Temptations – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
Yeti – Northern Line
Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life
Errors – Terror Tricks
Curses! -The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub Mix)
Engineers – Clean Coloured Wire
South Ambulance – Kinky Love
Graham Coxon – Gimme Some Love

Download by following this link.

Hope you enjoy it! As always, feedback welcome and appreciated.. who knows how long it’ll be til the next one!

Podcast #14


Here you go folks, it’s the first of the Pendros Podcasts to feature on the blog! The tracklisting is;

Instruments (Make Music) – Bright Eyes Make Good Dogs
Tellison – Henry Went To Paris (Maybeshewill Remix)
Minaars – Spelt With A K (Maybeshewill Remix)
Metric – Gimmee Sympathy
The Dead Weather – Hang You From The Heavens
Silversun Pickups – It’s Nice To Know You Work Alone
Frank Turner – Photosynthesis (Live at Pure Groove Records)
The Strange Boys – Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up
The Rural Alberta Advantage – The Deathbridge In Lethbridge
We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices
Masske – Domitian
And So I Watch You From Afar – TheseRIOTSareJUSTtheBEGINNING
Dananananakroyd – Infinity Milk
Future Of The Left – Stand By/You Manatee
Frightened Rabbit – Floting In The Forth

Download from this link.

Hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think. Another, already recorded podcast, is ready as well and will go up tomorrow but for now enjoy what you have!

Rota @ the Notting Hill Arts Club 25/04
April 27, 2009, 5:56 pm
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So on Saturday I popped along to the Notting Hill Arts Club for their free Saturday show ‘Rota’ which was this week put on by Drowned In Sound (the event is arranged on alternate weeks by DiS and Silver Rocket).

This week saw host to a good lineup (so I was told) featuring Calories, Pulled Apart By Horses and Copy Haho. Sadly, Calories car broke down so they didn’t turn up but the other two bands more than made up for it.

Pulled Apart By Horses


Nicely warmed up from playing thr Camden Crawl just that morning, these guys from Leeds were absolutely fantastic! Loud guitars, a great stage presence and a topless, tattooed drummer with a beard, they had everything. And I say stage presence in the loosest way possible as they didn’t stick to the stage all that often, wandering around the crowd as they played and bringing the mic stand into the middle of the slightly gobsmacked crowd as well.

And their songs weren’t too bad either..

Meat Balloon (from the 2008 EP ‘Traxxx’) Download

Copy Haho


This Scottish four piece were a solid indie pop band that had a few really good songs in their repertoire and gave a solid indie pop performance but after PABH, this seemed a bit of an anticlimax. Nothing wrong with their set or songs but they may have been better going on first on the night as they lacked the energy that the other band had in abundance.

Picked up their EP on the day (as well as PABH’s) and it’s a good little EP.. well worth looking out for!

Pulling Push Ups (from the 2009 EP ‘Bred For Skills and Magic’) Download

Nostalgia For The Win!

Haven’t updated this in a few days thanks to an upcoming practical exam I have but that’s no excuse!

As I (possibly) said in the very first post of this blog, it won’t just be music I’ll comment on in here; every now and again I may just talk about something else and one such topic is gaming.

While I was back home with the parentals and my younger sister over Easter, I managed to get back into some of my old PSone games as my sister still has them all (I may not have got her to grow up to have good musical taste but at least I got her into gaming). Over the last couple of weeks I have finally managed to complete Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee a mere 13 years after I first bought the game. Normally going back to stuff like that is never as good as you remember but not in this case. And what a sense of accomplishment now I’ve finally done it!! (That’s not sad, right?)


I just love the feel of the game and it’s (quite dark) humour. It was also amazingly inventive at the time and it hasn’t aged too badly if you can get past the slightly dated graphics.

And the retro gaming doesn’t stop there! As well as Oddworld, I’ve also been playing the infamous PaRappa the Rapper on the PSone too after finding it on ebay for just under a tenner. I love the quirkiness of this game as it feels like some sort of anime made into a game. And I never realised how bloody hard this game was.. it’s taken me a week to make it to the third level :/ (the one below is ridiculously easy though)

So that’s pretty much it for this post. I will be doing a full music one once I’ve got this practical out the way and it’ll most likely be my first podcast of the blog! I know!! Exciting!!! Until then, ta-ra!

Sod it, have a song;

Frank, AB (from the Rural Alberta Advantage’s 2008 debut album, ‘Hometown’) Download


Live and Kicking
April 18, 2009, 2:33 pm
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Sadly nothing to do with the 90’s Saturday morning kids TV program but a mini feature on a couple of gigs from the last few months featuring a few photos and live recordings.

Los Campesinos!

Back in October 2008, I managed to catch these guys in Camden as part of the ‘Shred Yr Face’ tour with Times New Viking and No Age. LC! themselves played a blinder with a real good fun set, playing a load of songs of their first album and a handful off their new album as well. They finished with the epic ‘Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks’ which was simply fantastic live. If you get chance to see these guys, do it.


You! Me! Dancing! (live)

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks (from 2008’s ‘Hold On Now Youngster’) Download


Also in October last year, I caught these guys at a tiny venue in Kilburn (where they’re playing again in a couple of months time) and it produced a great, intimate atmosphere. They weren’t top of the bill on the night, that honour went to This Town Needs Guns, but for me they were the best band there by a mile. Their set was a wee bit short which was disappointing but what they did play blew me away. Great band and even got a signed 12″ and had a chat with them afterwards. Looking forward to the new album out in June!!


Not For Want Of Trying (Live)

The Paris Hilton Sex Tape (from 2008’s ‘Not For Want Of Trying’) Download

Bon Iver

This was back in December 08 at the peculiar venue of the Victoria Apollo; peculiar as it was still showing ‘Wicked’ (the Wizard of Oz musical) at the time so the stage was still decked out with trees and had a dragon hanging from the ceiling. It was also one of the most peculiar atmoshpheres I’ve ever encountered at a gig as it was like seeing an actual theatre production as you felt so self-concious talking between songs and I even put my phone onto silent. The set itself though was breathtaking; songs such as Skinny Love and RE Stacks were stunning live and the band with him made it even better.

We also got to hear some of his new material, which has since been released on the ‘Blood Bank’ EP, and the singalong finale of The Wolves was magical as well.  Would pay good money to see him again.

Bon Iver

Skinny Love (Live)

RE Stacks (from 2008’s ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’) Download

Frank Turner

Last, and by no means least, in this feature is the freebie gig that Frank Turner performed just over a month ago at Pure Groove Records in Farringdon. This really was special as it was just 150 fans, Frank and his guitar with a selection of tunes from both of his albums and a few new tunes for good measure too. Could hardly speak afterwards from all the singing and with such an intense atmosphere there, I think his gig in October at the Shepherds Bush Empire could be something special. Below is a recording of a brand new song off his new album out in September.

The Road (Live)

Heartless Bastard Mother Fucker (from 2009’s ‘The Last Three Years) Download

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