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65daysofstatic @ Dingwalls – 26/04
May 7, 2009, 1:58 pm
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Better late than never and all that..

On that Sunday, I made my first trip to the Dingwalls venue on Camden Lock to see the almight 65daysofstatic. Getting there nice and early, and with a good spot until we moved to a slightly less good spot, I managed to catch all of the support acts as well.

First up were Tubelord who I have heard a little bit off and rather enjoy. An indie/’fight pop’ band, I quite like these guys’ sound; it’s nothing amazingly original but they do it very well, producing a very good sound considering that there’s only three of them on stage and had a good amount of energy that went down well with the crowd. Thankfully, they played my favourite song of their (Night of the Pencils, as heard on my recent podcast) and I managed to nab a recording of that, even if it was missing the first few bars as I didn’t expect it so early in the set. Altogether, they played really well and really tight and were a great opener to the night.

Next up were Amusement Parks On Fire and I’m afraid to say they were pretty rubbish. For a start, I think whoever did their sound levels must have hearing difficulties as the sound levels were awful; couldn’t hear the vocals (was he actually singing??) and the guitars were so loud that any actual quality to the sound just got lost in the noise so the whole set just blended into one. Not impressed.

Finally, the main act themselves 65dos were incredible. The noise those guys made was just fantastic and they kept the crowd going the whole time playing loads of their classics and a whole host of new material as well which may just be some of their best stuff yet; loud guitars, crazy synths and epic drumming it was like an old school rave. The gig itself reached something of an interesting climax.. halfway through a new track, WK4, the lights in the venue suddenly dropped and a minute and a half drum solo kicked in building the crowd to orgasmic levels before silence kicked in. With the crowd on tenterhooks, suddenly a figure appeared on stage, asking for everyone to vacate the venue as there’d been a power failure :/

Sadly, that was it for the night but in some ways I could think of a more apt ending for such a band. So despite technical difficulties earlier in the set and managing to break the venue, it was a top top set. Look forward to their next gig down here in October!

So for you, I have a live recording of Await Rescue but also a video of the, now mildly infamous, rendition of WK4.I do have audio of that but this vid off youtube just captures the atmosphere so much better than any audio alone could.

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I agree regarding Amusement Parks on Fire. They were much the same when I saw them supporting 65. 65 more than made up for it though with possibly the best gig I’ve ever seen.

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