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We Were Promised Jetpacks @ The Lexington – 18/06

After having ‘acquired’ their album a couple of months ago, and been enjoying it ever since, I decided to take the plunge and go see these guys at one of the places that is fast becoming a favourite venue of mine.

For once, I got their nice and early so got to see all of the support bands, although sadly a bit too late to catch the whole set of the first band, Nacional. However, from what I did hear, I was impressed. These guys had a sound rather like the current Scottish bands that seem to be emerging (such as WWPJ and Frightened Rabbit) but were a bit more “indie pop” than either of these bands. I only heard the last three or four songs of theirs but they were rather nice, toe-tapping tunes which I would have liked to have heard a wee bit more of to judge them any more.

After that came Citadels who seemed to have twice as many instruments on stage as there were band members, with a couple of guitars, a bass and drum kit, a few synths, xylophones, a flute and an extra drum all up there for good measure. Their opening track was rather fantastic being somewhere between Los Campesinos and Dananananaykroyd with a hell of a lot of energy and vocals featuring the whole band. The second drum came into full effect towards the end of the number with the main vocalist playing along on this which gave an extra layer that made for a great sound. Sadly the rest of the set didn’t quite match up to their opener but there was still energy galore with some well written tunes so these might be yet another band I keep an eye on.

The final support band, eaststrikewest, provided the most ambient sound of the night but that by no means meant that they were quiet. Featuring a whole load of reverb and distortion, they made one hell of a racket but a very tuneful one with it; some kind of bastard child of Sigur Ros and My Bloody Valentine if you may. The vocals for this band in particular were absolutely superb and I enjoyed them more than I probably would have done had you described them to me beforehand. Follow this link and download their tune ‘Rosa’ for freeeeee.

And so we came to the main act of We Were Promised Jetpacks; a band I was expecting to put on one hell of a show. With just the three of them, the stage seemed rather empty (especially after the cluttered stage during Citadels set) but they more than made up for that. Starting off with ‘Keeping Warm’ with it’s long instrumental intro, they kicked off brilliantly, even if the guitars were slightly out of tune during the chords with the opening vocals!

From there on in, the pace of the set was maintained and they flew through a whole host of songs of their debut album “These Four Walls”. Surprisingly, they played their self proclaimed “one good song” Quiet Little Voices quite early in the set. So far, this had been one of my songs of the year and live it was everything I hoped it would be with the shredding guitars, big drums and plenty of “ooooh-ooh oh oh’s” from the crowd (with a fair few from me). They flew through some of the other big tracks off the album, such as “It’s Thunder And It’s Lightning” and “Short Bursts”, but also played a couple of their slower tracks, the pick of which for me is “This Is My House, This Is My Home”, which are just as good as their others and broke the set up nicely.

Their set seemed to fly by, which was a bit of a shame, and they didn’t play “Conductor” but apart from that, they had a stormer. Great songs, great sound and good crowd interaction made it a really good gig. Sadly, the majority of the crowd didn’t seem to have heard of them before (with a lot of middle aged businessmen there seemingly just for the hell of it) but I really enjoyed them and would more than happily see them again in the future.

Quiet Little Voices (live)

It’s Thunder And It’s Lightning (live)

This Is My House, This Is My Home (live) – I especially like the authentic sound of pint glasses being collected

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