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Oasis @ Wembley Stadium – 11/07
July 13, 2009, 11:20 am
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Six months or so after booking the tickets, and after trying to find out whether my tickets had or hadn’t been cancelled by bloody ticketmaster, it was finally time for my first stadium gig in almost two years and the first time I’d seen Oasis in four years; the previous time being the opening night of their last world tour at the City Of Manchester Stadium.

Despite Transport For London doing their best to ensure that getting there was as difficult as possible with the closure of the Jubilee line, we got to rainy old Wembley late in the afternoon. We were in no rush to get there having booked seated tickets (damn university meaning I couldn’t be manning a laptop at 9am to get standing tickets). In the end, we got alright seat being in the front row of the top tier. We were on the far side of the stadium but at least we were central.

First thing we found out when we got there was that The Enemy wouldn’t be playing due to ‘illness’ so the other support bands would be playing extended sets. Not that I was fussed either way though. So after a little wait, Reverend and the Makers took to the stage. It’s safe to say I don’t really know a lot of their stuff outside of the ‘hits’ they’ve had over the last couple of years, some of which are annoyingly catchy, if a bit samey.

Their set wasn’t bad overall, although I think they struggled to fill their full slot in such a venue. Their sound filled the venue pretty well but, as I mentioned above, it was all a wee bit samey; think they would have been much better to have seen at the good old Flowerpot the week before.

After them came Kasabian. This gig came a few years to late for me really; I loved their first album when it first came out and it must have got a hell of a lot of listens. Their second album though was pretty crap I though; first two or three tracks on it were good and so was one of the last tracks but other than that it wasn’t all that good. I’d also heard nothing off the new album so didn’t know what to expect from that either.

They played a good mix of old and new stuff though, with their oldest stuff still being the best. They do have this reputation as being incredible live but I never really saw that; our position probably played a part in that but even then they weren’t anything special. They were good but nothing more. And if you’ve ever seen any of their live performances on TV, you pretty much knew what to expect.

After Kasabian, I was a little disheartened as I wasn’t blown away by the gig so far; mainly due to feeling so out of the whole process because of where we were (not helped by the smell of vomit around our seats).But after a brief interlude, Oasis came on to the sounds of “Fucking In The Bushes” before launching into their opening number of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” which obviously went down brilliantly and was followed up by “Lyla”; one of only two tracks off “Don’t Believe The Truth” (the other being the great “Importance Of Being Idle”).

Compared to the last time I saw them, they seemed on much better form and played a much better setlist, playing “The Masterplan”, “Roll With It”, “My Big Mouth” (a surprise inclusion I thought) and possibly my favourite track of theirs, “Slide Away”; none of which they played last time round.

Mixed in with these were tracks off their newest offering, which I’ve still yet to actually hear. From what I heard live though, it seems they’ve found their sound which has built on their last couple of albums into a no-nonsense old fashioned rock sound which, although uninspiring compared to their oldest stuff, still sounds good. Rattling through new and old songs, including “Cigarettes And Alcohol”, “Wonderwall”, “Supersonic” and the wonderful “Half The World Away” (another they didn’t play on their last tour), their set seemed to fly by.

After the obliatory walk off stage, they came back out for the encore and the first track of that was rather special being “Don’t Look Back In Anger” with the crowd taking over vocal duties. The penultimate song of the night, and the encore, was another of my favourites in a class rendition of  “Champagne Supernova”. In my opinion that should have been the closing song but instead they closed with their cover of “I Am The Walrus” which went down pretty well and the instrumental ending to that rounded the night of well.

All in all, Oasis were great as always and even though I haven’t listened to their stuff in ages, I was singing along word for word to every song (bar the new ones!). As said, their set was even better than last time with a much stronger setlist, especially with “Slide Away” in there. It was a shame to be in the stands and I think it would have made a hell of a difference to have been amongst the action on the pitch but it made no difference for when Oasis were on and it was great to see them back on form.

Reverend And The Makers – Open Your Window (live)

Kasabian – Empire (live)

Kasabian – Fire (live)

Oasis – Cigarettes And Alcohol (live)

Oasis – Champagne Supernova (live)

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