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Tubelord & Codes In The Clouds – 25/07
July 27, 2009, 12:47 pm
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It’s been a wee while since I’d hit the Notting Hill Arts Club’s Saturday shows but this one had been down in my diary for a while after a heads up from a friend over this one. There were two other bands on beforehand, YGT and Coldstream, but I wasn’t fussed about either and to be honest, when sitting there having a drink with said friend, I can’t even say I noticed them play.

Before the gig I’d given Codes In The Clouds album, “Paper Canyon”, a few listens and had been impressed with it. I’m quite a fan of post rock stuff and they easily fit into that category soundwise. It has to be said, however, that I much prefer the heavier side of the post rock spectrum, in bands like Maybeshewill and And So I Watch You From Afar, as a lot of the more melodic bands can blur into one and Codes’ album does suffer from this slightly. That said, these bands are normally far better live than on record and Codes were no exception.

They gave a very understated performance on stage but, again, this almost comes with the post rock territory as there’s no focal point of the band; just the band’s sound as a whole. They played the majority (possibly all) of their album and it did indeed come across much better live than on the record with the build up and explosions of sound coming across brilliantly. Was pleasantly surprised with their set and hope they release some more stuff soon.

After that came the headliners Tubelord, who would be playing their second gig of the day having already done a set at Truck festival in Oxford. If they were in any way tired from the previous gig, they hid it well as there were no signs of fatigue during the show here.

I had seen these guys before as the opening act to 65daysofstatic’s gig at the Dingwalls back in April. I’d only heard a little bit of their stuff at that point but still enjoyed the set, even if I was a fair bit away from the stage (or as much as this is possible in the Dingwalls anyway). Since then, I have managed to get hold of a couple of other singles by the guys and so was really looking forward to their set. As said, the energy levels were pretty good from the three of them with a couple of jumps into the crowd thrown in for good measure (one of which involved a pig mask which was.. different) and good banter with the crowd between tracks as well. They didn’t even let cocking up their first song put them off; a quick joke about it and they launched straight back in.

Overall, I was really impressed with them again and it was nice to be right at the front this time round. I’m always surprised at how good they are technically as musicians as it doesn’t seem to come across on the recorded stuff as well as it does live and I really do like their sound and songs and they seem like a sound bunch as well. I eagerly await the debut album, whenever it may come!

Codes In The Clouds – Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape (live)

Tubelord – Night Of The Pencils (live)

Tubelord – I Am Azerrad (live)

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