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Crocodiles @ Pure Groove – 23/10
October 31, 2009, 3:24 pm
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A very short review for a very short set!

The Crocodiles’ album is one I’ve quite enjoyed this year so when I heard they’d rescheduled their instore show at Pure Groove, I was more than keen to get along; especially as it was during the lunch break of one of my few days of lectures.

After a quick bus ride I got to Pure Groove to find it fairly empty again. The first thing that surpised me about the band themselves though was that there were four of them as they are always described as the “New York two piece”. The shop did begin to fill out with people as the start drew closer with all the suited businessman coming in for a quick liquid lunch.

Eventually, the band got underway after what seemed to be the most faffing around I’ve ever seen before a gig. And when they did, I was decidedly underwhelmed with the first two tracks being ones I didn’t recognise at all. After that, they launched into the album closer “Young Drugs” which worked really well. Next up came “Soft Skull (In My Room)” which is one of the stronger songs off the album and sounded great live. After that came.. nothing; four songs was all they’d be playing.

This was a huge disappointment for me as I’d seen near enough full sets from bands I’d previously seen play in-store shows here so to only see four songs, two of which I didn’t know, was pretty weak. It almost felt as if playing their was beneath them and that was a shame as the songs off the album they played were really enjoyable and I would loved to have heard “I Wanna Kill” and “Refuse Angel”.

Let down.

“Young Drugs” (live)

“Soft Skull (In My Room)” (live)

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The singer was losing his voice and had to play another show again that night. If you had a problem with us, talk to us in person; don’t complain about us on a blog. Let down.

Comment by crocodiles

If that is the case, then I apologise but I’d been looking forward to seeing the band and this had been the only show in London I could get to. If you’d said something beforehand, fair enough, but it just seemed like it was a “get in, get out” job which left me pretty underwhelmed.

Comment by pendros

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