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Chris T-T @ The Slaughtered Lamb – 29/03
May 10, 2010, 9:07 pm
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Surprisingly, this was actually the fourth time that I had seen Chris play in little over a year having seen him play a band show with the Hoodrats at Lexapalooza, play a solo acoustic set at Lex Lite and then a piano solo set at the Frank Turner Christmas Show at the Union Chapel so this show was the first one I had made it to specifically to see Chris play and it  was a show I’d been looking forward to as it was to promote his new album “Love Is Not Rescue”.

Sadly, I arrived a little late and caught up with a few friends for a drink beforehand so missed the support in Tom Williams which was a bit of a disappointment. But no matter, I was here for the main act so descended from the bar to the venue. And it’s quite an odd little venue at the Slaughtered Lamb as it’s one of the first I’ve been to that is decked out with sofas and armchaird. As we got there a little late though, we had to stand at the back but this was no real problem as it’s quite an intimate little venue so we weren’t exactly detached from the show.

The show itself consisted of an entire playthrough of Love Is Rescue, which is a type of show I really enjoy. At the time, I hadn’t heard the album itself but had already heard some songs from online demos and from some of the previous shows but it made a nice change to go and see a show completely new to the songs.

The set/album opener is the first single off the album in ‘Nintendo’ and I think has some of Chris’ best vocals to date on it as they work so well against the gentle sound of the piano and other tracks like ‘Tall Woman’ further demonstrate this sound.  ‘Stop Listening’ is more standard Chris T-T fare but still holds it’s own against all the other new material while the other ‘classic’ track ‘Elephant In The Room’ is possibly my favourite song off the album and already had a few fans in the room on the night.

‘Market Square’, the song based on the same poem by A.A. Milne, was a song I first heard at Lex Lite and instantly became a track I fell in love with then and sounded just as good on this occasion (after Chris had moaned at A.A. Milne’s lack of reply to any emails he ever sent him).

After all ten tracks off the album, Chris played a ‘greatest hits’ mini set, taking a few requests from the audience. Among the tracks he played were the obligatory version of ‘The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin’ and a great rendition of ‘Hedgehog Song’ before finishing the night with the 9 Red Songs album closer ‘Preaching To The Converted’.

I really enjoyed the entire set on the night and it was great to see Chris in a small, cosy atmosphere like the Slaughtered Lamb provided. It was also good to hear the new album in full as it may well be Chris’ best piece of work yet and I hope he gets all the success he deserves from such a cracking little album.

Chris T-T – Elephant In The Room (live)

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