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65daysofstatic @ Koko – 12/05
December 7, 2010, 8:52 pm
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A belated and, thus, short “review” as I can’t give too many details about this show so long after it took place.

Support on the night came from Nedry, who did nothing for me, and from Loops Haunt who rather impressed with his set on stage and is well worth checking out.

As for 65dos themselves, they played a great set with a good mix of old and new material. The sound system of Koko allowed the new tracks to shine while the older tracks sounded fantastic too. Being on the balcony, I had a good view of the band and I have to say, it’s amazing to watch the band’s drummer in full flow.

It really is a sight to behold when he’s giving it everything and in tracks like the sublime ‘Retreat! Retreat!’ (one of their best moments live) it’s easy to be mesmerised by him.

The set was overall solid and, as mentioned previously, the sound was great. However, Koko doesn’t seem like the best venue for the band. The size doesn’t make for the right kind of atmosphere for their kind of music which, to me, is much better suited to small, sweaty venues like at the Dingwalls (but at least they didn’t break the venue like they did when I saw them there). As such, the crowd felt a little flat but it’s difficult to put on a show in a smaller venue for them when they can sell out a venue the size of Koko.

Overall, I really enjoyed the set and it was nice to get chance to hear the whole of Weak4 and to hear Radio Protector this time round. New tracks like Go Complex and Tiger Girl, at either end of the show, did sound beautiful but without the crowd to match what was going on on-stage, the gig just lacked that certain something to make it truely amazing.

65daysofstatic – Weak4 (live)

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