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The Justice Force 5 @ The Wheelbarrow – 15/01
January 16, 2011, 6:46 pm
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The first gig of 2011 held a tiny bit more significance than most as it was the first at The Wheelbarrow in Camden.

The Wheelbarrow only opened recently but is run by the team that were behind The Flowerpot which was an awesome venue that in it’s brief existence introduced me to the fantastic Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, held some of the excellent Lexapalooza shows and was also the site for my first ever (albeit brief) appearance in a music video.

Sadly, the lease got pulled from under their feet but in almost no time they had moved to their new home on Camden High Street.

The venue seemed much smaller on first look than the old place but a small recce showed that there was a bit more space round the back of the pub next to the stage. It also had a bit more of an old pub feel to it than the last place but overall it was a cool atmosphere and a strangely familiar one as I recognised a fair few faces on both sides of the bar.

But I wasn’t here just to check out the venue. I was also here to see the fantastic Justice Force 5. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen these guys as they had featured at two of the Lexapalooza shows I had been to in the past and so I knew what to expect, unlike my friend who’d tagged along for the evening. Made up of a host of superheroes, including Captain Courageous and Judgement Dave among other (whose backstories you can read on their Facebook page), they’re only on stage in order to save the world through the medium of ROCK!

So after making my way down to the front of the stage, the cape-clad Bo Diggity led the troupe to unleash their powers on the audience.

It’s all well and good to have the costumes and everything but the JF5 back all of this glitz up with some really good tracks. If you know how to smile and have a set of ears, I don’t know how you couldn’t enjoy the band. And the point about smiling is what makes this band so enjoyable; they don’t just play great songs but are also a really good, fun band. So on top of everything already mentioned, glitter guns and pyrotechnics were out in full force as always and the best example of all of this must be the on stage musical battle between the band and their arch-nemesis the Organ Grinder.

The tracks themselves are a great mix of rock with a little bit of electro thrown in for good measure. Captain Courageous takes the lead on vocals for the majority of the set but Dr Amazing also has his turn as does Bo Diggity on the tracks The Justic Force Dance (featuring the memorable line “I always put my trousers on before my pants, and when I leave the house I do the Justice Force dance).

I had heard most of the songs before but I think there were a couple of new tracks thrown in as well (but I will admit that this was the most sober I had ever seen them so I can’t be certain). There was a slightly bizarre interlude to the evening when a civilian attempted to join the band but his powers of harmonica playing weren’t good enough to see the band expand it’s numbers (but his power of not leaving the stage was a bit more impressive).

Overall, I really enjoyed the set and left with a grin on my face. They’re a band I’d very much like to put on at some point just as an excuse to see them again but I do think they’re one of the best live experiences out of the many bands I’ve seen over the last few years; they are definitely my favourite electro superhero rock band by quite a long way.

Sadly, the audio from the evening didn’t come out very well so instead I highly suggest you give their two videos a watch instead..


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