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If you’re really that desperate to know a little about the man behind the site, then this is the place.

I’ve always loved my music from a wee age and remember vividly the excitement of getting What’s The Story (Morning Glory) on cassette for my 9th birthday (along with a copy of Three Lions).

Since then, my musical tastes have meandered between mainstream music like the above, through to the troublesome teenage years and punk rock to go with that and has somehow ended up with me in my current position liking a hell of a lot of different stuff which I will showcase to you on this page.

I also claim to play the guitar and have done so on and off for around 12 years now.

Other than music, I’m into my gaming, which I may occassionally comment on.

And if you’re one of the artists I’ve got photos or audio of and would like a copy, email me and I’d be more than happy to send you the files.

(Some slight legal stuff) Everything on here is meant to give you a flavour of the bands I like. If you own any copyrights etc and don’t like me advertising your music for free, then let me know it shall be seen to.

Peace and love peace and love

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