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Hundred Words Or Less #1
September 3, 2009, 7:35 pm
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Crocodiles – Summer Of Hate

Lo-fi isn’t a genre I listen to widely but this album is a great example of the sound. The two guys cover distorted guitars, synths, drums and vocals between them to create just over half an hour of solid tunes. They don’t do anything particularly fancy but they do it well. ‘I Wanna Kill’ and ‘Refuse Angels’ are the standout tracks on a neat little album. The change in tempo between tracks keeps the sound different enough to maintain interest and to allow the above tracks to really shine through.

Dan Deacon – Bromst

I got hold of this album after a few friends raved about it. It didn’t sound like my kind of thing at all with descriptions of the album including ‘experimental, noise pop electronica’ but holy moly it’s good. The album is almost impossible to describe but the description above is pretty close. It switches easily between all out aural electronic assualt and a downtempo chillout almost flawlessly and with all but one track being over 4 minutes long, each song is rather epic. A possible contender for album of the year.

Emmy The Great – First Love

This album is one I enjoyed with it’s beautiful, wistful vocals and evocative lyrics with gentle indie pop/folk backing. The focus of the songs are undoubtedly the vocals with the music taking something of a backseat but with such a glorious voice this is no problem and works well. The only downside to this is that I sometimes drift off from listening to the album fully and sometimes begin to bore of it as it nears it’s end. ‘We Almost Had A Baby’ is probably my favourite track but there is enough here to enjoy to warrant a purchase.

Why? – Eskimo Snow

‘Alopecia’ was an album that I never quite decided whether I liked or not; there were plenty of brilliant tracks, such as ‘The Hollows’  and ‘Fatalist Palmistry’ but maybe a third of the album was average at best for me. Eskimo Snow sees the band less focused on their hip hop sound and I find this means the album feels a bit flat throughout and as such it never hits either the highs (or lows) of the previous album. Maybe I never gave it enough time but I don’t know whether it deserves another chance.

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