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Free Stuff – Post Rock You Say?
April 12, 2009, 3:46 pm
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Free stuff’s always good right? Well the following two bands (although I say bands, they’re both actually produced by two guys on their own) have their current albums and EPs available on the web FOR FREE and they’re both worth your time.



His album ‘The Earth That Breathed’ is a really dark and distorted version of post-rock with some fantastic guitar riffs thrown into the mix, producing a sound that I love. The 15 track album was made all using his own laptop and considering that, it’s an amazing accomplishment. He’s also looking to get a band together to tour the album with. Check out his myspace for more details.

Away With You!

Download the album by following this link

An Astrologists Guide To The Stars In The Sky



‘Theory Of Tides’ is the second EP by An Astrologists Guide and is easily the better of the two (both are available from his myspace) and you can hear the best track below. Again, this was all done by one guy but what makes this even more depressing to us mere mortals is that this only acts as his side project to his main body of work where he goes by the name Bark Cat Bark and produces some magical classical piano music with a hint of French folk in the mix.


Download the entire EP from this link

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