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Daytrotter Session – Timber Timbre
January 23, 2010, 1:17 pm
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Timber Timbre’s self titled album was criminally overlooked by myself when compiling my top 20 albums of 2009. I don’t know how this happened as it’s a beautiful album and I’ve recently fallen back in love with it thanks to this session.

The Canadian outfit, with Kirk Taylor at the helm, produce a haunting bluesy folk sound that is unlike anything else I’ve heard. It’s not something I feel I can listen to over and over again but in some ways this makes me enjoy the album even more as when I do get back round to listening to the album it still feels fresh.

The session here contains four tracks which are all of their most recent album; their first to get a full commercial release. For me, these may be some of the stronger tracks off the album and they sound better here than on record so this is definitely a session to check out.

The tracks included in the session are;

1) Magic Arrow – album track

2) Trouble Comes Knocking – album track

3) No Bold Villian – album track

4) Demon Host – album track

You can download the session complete from rapidshare.

Visit the daytrotter website to see more of their brilliant sessions and to read the accompanying article to the session featured here. Or if you’re a lucky bugger and have an iphone, download the daytrotter app and listen to their sessions wherever and whenever!

Daytrotter Sessions – The Tallest Man On Earth
December 3, 2009, 2:01 pm
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Another favourite act of mine, The Tallest Man On Earth did one of the Daytrotter sessions a few months ago.

I’ve written about this guy in the past as I love his album from last year, ‘Shallow Graves’ and have been lucky enough to see him play at Barden’s Boudoir back in September.

His session consists of the following tracks;

1) This Wind – from the album (reworked)

2) Shallow Grave – from the album (reworked)

3) I Want You – Bob Dylan cover

4) I Won’t Be Found – a beautiful version of the album track on piano

Download it from Rapidshare

Buy tickets for his London show in March from WeGotTickets

Daytrotter Sessions – The Rural Alberta Advantage
November 13, 2009, 5:31 pm
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A website I have only just discovered, Daytrotter invites bands to their base in Illinois to perform new material, covers or just old tracks (but the latter often being reworked in some way).

All the songs are free to download off the site so I highly recommend that you sign up over there and get listening. But as they are free, I’ll put up a session in it’s entirety every now and again when they’re done by bands that I like.

The first of these is by a band that I absolutely love and have mentioned on here a fair few times; The Rural Alberta Advantage.

This Canadian three-piece produced one of the best albums of 2008 in ‘Hometowns’ and are currently growing in popularity every day in Canada and the US, where they regularly tour, as well as gaining fans on this side of the pond (but we’re still waiting on a tour over here!)

The session they did for Daytrotter consists of two old tracks and two new ones.

1) The Air – from the album; not one of my favourite tracks but it sounds great

2) Two Lovers – brand new track!!

3) In The Summertime – the album closer; reworked with a piano and sounds fantastic for it.

4) Barnesyard – another brand new track!!

Download from Rapidshare

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