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Stop The Press!
February 13, 2010, 12:47 pm
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Oh-em-gee, breaking news monkey trackers!

The Rural Alberta Advantage are coming to London! I understand that this is cyberspace so those of you reading are actually quite likely not to live in London but whatever.. THE RAA ARE COMING TO LONDON!!!

If this news moistens your undergarments as much as it did mine, just follow THS AWESOME LINK and nab yourself some tickets.

If you don’t live in London.. well, sorry. Unless you live in Canada or the States and have seen them already.

A big bravo has to go to Bird On The Wire for arranging this show and also being the ones responsible for putting on The Tallest Man On Earth as well. What good people they are.

Have a video of Nils playinga solo version of Deathbridge In Lethbridge;

Some Videos Wot I’ve Been Watching #1

Yeah, I can’t think of anything to write at the moment so enjoy these;

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Dear god I love this song, album and band. If you don’t have the album get it get it get it get it; especially now they’ve finally got themselves a proper record deal for North American release. We’ll just have to make do on this side of the pond for now..


Along with NOFX, easily my favourite punk rock band. This is one of their best tracks (can’t believe how old the album is now :/) and sounds great acoustic. The acoustic bonus CD on “Let The Dominoes Fall” is pretty sound as well.

Frank Turner

Good old Frank. This was taken from his recent US tour with the Offspring. Love the kids in this vid. Also check out another houseparty he did in a front room with 100 people crammed in. Immense.

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