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Frank Turner – The Road Video
July 31, 2009, 2:37 pm
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A mere month ago, you may remember I blogged about the gig that Frank played to record his new video. Well the video is all done and dusted and at long last is now available for viewing!

With a token appearance from myself just near the end as well. Huzzah!

Frank Turner Videoshoot @ The Flowerpot – 26/06
June 29, 2009, 8:16 pm
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A short review for a short set (but plenty of pics).

Having seen Frank at the Flowerpot less than two months ago, he returned as part of the making of the video for the upcoming single “The Road”. The idea behind the video was to do 24 gigs in 24 hours, visting fans’ houses all across London before ending up at The Flowerpot which is where I caught up with him (damn university getting in the way of other shows).

Frank was understandably knackered by the time he get there, and a bit merry as well it has to be said, but that didn’t stop him rattling through an hour long set though, playing a load of his old songs and a couple of new ones for good measure. This included a special version of “Dan’s Song” with Evan taking harmonica duties; the first time he’d done so and in front of a slightly smaller audience than he’ll be performing in front of on Frank’s American tour with The Offspring!

There was also a brief interlude during the set for the videoshoot with the crowd singing the chorus for the track and also singing along for the final part as well. You never know, I might just make it in!

It was a great little set that was followed with drinks all round. And it was this gig that finally made me realise why I enjoy his shows so much; the music’s always great but the crowd are also brilliant too with everyone being such cool people.. hopefully see some familiar faces at his next show!

Heartless Bastard Motherfucker (live at the Flowerpot) – WITH ADDED BANTER!

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Frank wasn’t actually the main act of the night; that honour went to Klezma Villanova, an unusal indie-rolk-folk-ska band. Sadly, I didn’t get any pics/audio (damn camera battery) but they were a great laugh and played their tunes were good fun that got a number of us dancing/skanking along. Their bass guitarist, in particular, was very very good. Well worth listening to/seeing if you get the chance.

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