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Nostalgia For The Win!

Haven’t updated this in a few days thanks to an upcoming practical exam I have but that’s no excuse!

As I (possibly) said in the very first post of this blog, it won’t just be music I’ll comment on in here; every now and again I may just talk about something else and one such topic is gaming.

While I was back home with the parentals and my younger sister over Easter, I managed to get back into some of my old PSone games as my sister still has them all (I may not have got her to grow up to have good musical taste but at least I got her into gaming). Over the last couple of weeks I have finally managed to complete Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee a mere 13 years after I first bought the game. Normally going back to stuff like that is never as good as you remember but not in this case. And what a sense of accomplishment now I’ve finally done it!! (That’s not sad, right?)


I just love the feel of the game and it’s (quite dark) humour. It was also amazingly inventive at the time and it hasn’t aged too badly if you can get past the slightly dated graphics.

And the retro gaming doesn’t stop there! As well as Oddworld, I’ve also been playing the infamous PaRappa the Rapper on the PSone too after finding it on ebay for just under a tenner. I love the quirkiness of this game as it feels like some sort of anime made into a game. And I never realised how bloody hard this game was.. it’s taken me a week to make it to the third level :/ (the one below is ridiculously easy though)

So that’s pretty much it for this post. I will be doing a full music one once I’ve got this practical out the way and it’ll most likely be my first podcast of the blog! I know!! Exciting!!! Until then, ta-ra!

Sod it, have a song;

Frank, AB (from the Rural Alberta Advantage’s 2008 debut album, ‘Hometown’) Download


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